Hipsters – the end of Western civilization

  “If you don’t give a damn, we don’t give a fuck!” chants an emcee before his incitements are abruptly cut short when the power plug is pulled and the lights snapped on. Dawn breaks and the last of the after-after-parties begin to spill into the streets. The hipsters are falling out, rubbing their eyes… Read More


Finally ,spring is here. Undress yourself, prepare to see everything in green and welcome the sun.

Chess : Smothered Mate

Claudiu H. vs (ChessGenius – 1sec/ move) A really nice game , especially in the ending where white sacrifices the Queen to win the game through a so called “Smothered Mate“. Please note that this was a blitz game.

Keep on cycling

Start cycling. Feel the wind. Admire nature. You’ll soon find your limits and for some reason you’ll try to break them. See the world from a different angle.