Orange vs DigiMobil

So i was kind of curious and did a quick live test between these 2 mobile phone operators here in Romania in regards to signal quality and internet speed. The price difference between the two is huge with a clear advantage in this category for DigiMobil. But is the quality  the same? We will see below.

Please keep in mind the following things:

1. Signal was measured using Network Signal Info app available in the Google Play store.

2. Internet speed was measured using app available in the Google Play store

3. Same position for signal measuring was used (test was carried out indoor between 3 thick concrete walls )

4.  Tests were done on the same phone (LG G2)





Orange : 15.41Mb/s Download  — 2.24Mb/s Upload  (43 ms ping )

DigiMobil : 3.46Mb/ Download — 0.57Mb/s Upload (100 ms ping)



All in all there isn’t much difference in regard to signal quality in my test between Orange and Digimobil but  there is a huge difference in regard to data speeds. That is explainable. How? Simple.

At Digimobil you’ll pay 10 euros (5 euros if you have contracted 2 other services from them) for unlimited same network and national calls.  3000  international minutes, unlimited data plan (first 5 GB at full speed , after that you are limited to 128 kbps)

At Orange you’ll pay 41 euros for unlimited same network and national calls. 1000 international minutes,  4 GB limited traffic , 1 GB roaming traffic.

The number of people using DigiMobil data plans is huge (those who abuse it are there too)  while people that can  afford 41 euros is relatively  small  and honestly i’m impressed with DigiMobil that can still offer that amount of speed  while offering such a small price. It is clear that their network is overcrowded just reading the above values.  People on Digimobil  will almost NEVER turn off their data services on their phones (I know i never turn them off on mine) but i was very careful with data plan on Orange (because you pay the extra traffic)

So what do you think?  Comment below.

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